About Blagoevgrad

History and Facts

Blagoevgrad is an ancient city with a rich historical background. Thracians inhabited those lands 3000 years B.C, as they were attracted by their mild climate and warm mineral springs. The city was called Skaptopara and it soon turned into a lively trade and cultural center. During the Ottoman period the city had a large population and it changed its name a few times. One of the most popular names it was given was Gorna Dzhumaya (From the Turkish word “dzhumaya” - “friday”, “shopping day”). The city has a well-preserved neighborhood with typical Bulgarian houses from the Revival period, as well as important monuments from the more recent history of the country. Today Blagoevgrad is one of the best developing cities in the country, and comes second in terms of young population percentage. 

Leisure Time in Blagoevgrad

The city is suitable for recreation and cultural tourism, as well as for entertainment. Varosha, the old part of the city, is one of the most beloved spots in Blagoevgrad. It is a truly charming and romantic place for its cobblestone streets and old houses. Many of these houses are now turned into museums, galleries and traditional restaurants. Bachinovo park is located along the Bistritsa River bank and it is a lovely place for walks, sport and recreation in nature. The 3-kilometre long alley offers a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, playgrounds, ropes courses, an aquapark and an indoor swimming pool. In the end of the alley you will find a beautiful park and a huge artificial lake with pedalo boats. 

Natural Surroundings

The town is located in one of the most beautiful areas on the Balkans - in between the Rila and the Vlahina mountains, close to Pirin. It is one of the most sunny regions in the country. Thanks to the mountain forests and the lack of factory contamination, the air in Blagoevgrad is fresh and clean. The area is rich in valuable natural sights and resources. The Rila Monastery is just 40km away from Blagoevgrad, and the Parangalitsa nature reserve - about 30km away. The beautiful Stob pyramids are also in the vicinity. 

Nightlife and Entertainment

As a typical student town, Blagoevgrad is a lively entertainment and party center. Young people can choose from various-style bars, nightclubs and discos. Regular karaoke evenings and different theme parties are among the most popular events organized weekly.